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Fédération du Notariat (Fednot)

The Fédération du notariat (Fednot) is the professional association of the notarial profession. It supports notaries' offices in their day-to-day operations: providing legal advice, office management, IT solutions, training and information for the general public.
Fednot provides advice on particularly complex legal issues, supports notaries in the management of their practices, and makes databases available for consultation during the drafting and preparation of notarial deeds.
It boasts a network of 1,126 offices, bringing together 1,646 notaries and 9,794 employees. Fednot also aims to be the driving force behind the profession's ongoing modernization, identifying the challenges ahead and taking the necessary steps to meet them.
Fednot's mission is not to handle complaints from individuals. Individuals wishing to lodge a complaint against a notary who has failed to meet his or her professional obligations can contact the Ombudsman for the notarial profession.

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Members of the Executive Committee


Jan Sap


Hilde Jacobs
Director Legal


Bjorn Van Reet


Benjamin Mangelinckx


Manou Van der Brempt
Director Marketing & Communication


Aline Leys
Director HR


Bénédicte Vanhalewyn
Head of Strategy Connect
General Secretary AC


Julie Vilain
Head of Social Affairs Fednot/Director FSE


Robin Frissyn
Director CINB/IRBN


Els De Keyser
Coordinator Vlanot


Gaëtan Clerens
Coordinator CF


Isabel Pannekoek
CEO Executive secretary

About the notariat

The notariat

Every year, 2.5 million citizens pass through the doors of a notary's office at key moments in their private and/or professional lives: marriage, divorce, buying a house, setting up a business, inheritance...

They receive independent, tailor-made advice, enabling them to carry out crucial projects in their lives with complete confidence.

The notary ensures that citizens fully understand the commitment they are about to sign, and all the legal and tax consequences that flow from it.

The notary

The notary is a trusted advisor. His expertise and experience, both human and professional, enable him to provide his clients with tailor-made advice. The notary ensures that his clients are well informed of the commitment they are about to sign, and of all the consequences it entails.
For more information on the key moments in your life when a notary is involved: www.notaire.be
Advice | The notary has a global view of his clients' situation: family, real estate, business,... The notary's advice is cross-disciplinary, taking into account all aspects of life.
Impartiality | The notary can never take sides; he is impartial. He provides objective information to all parties, trying to prevent potential conflicts.
Deeds | Life's major decisions have consequences not only for the person making them, but also for those close to him or her. These agreements are set down in writing in "authentic deeds". As a public official, the notary authenticates these deeds, giving them probative and enforceable force. 

Other notarial institutions

The National Chamber of Notaries

The Chambre nationale des notaires is the legal regulatory and representative body of the notarial profession. As a public institution, it serves the public interest. Through its regulations, it ensures the ethical and uniform practice of the profession. In addition, its opinions and vade-mecums serve as a guideline for all concerned.

The notarial profession attaches the utmost importance to ethics and internal control, with a view to protecting the public. Together with Sécurité Notariale, the Chambre Nationale ensures the financial integrity of notaries' offices.

The General Assembly of the National Chamber is made up of representatives of the 11 provincial companies of notaries.

Provincial companies and chambers

All notaries are members of a provincial company. The provincial chambers represent the company and are primarily responsible for ethical and disciplinary matters.